OHSU Campus Model

NC3D recently completed detailed 3D models of Oregon Health Sciences University’s (OHSU) Marquam Hill, South Waterfront and Schitzer campuses for a planning study by ZGF and PKA archiects.  OHSU is Portland’s largest employer, and its main campus, “Pill Hill” is perched on a hilltop south of Downtown.  The complex topography, layers of buildings and maze of roads and pathways make this a perfect application for 3D visualization.   The model will be used for planning future phases of development on the hill.   And, as new buildings are designed, the 3D design data from those projects will be incorporated into the campus models.

The model was our first project to utilize LiDAR data to model buildings and topography on a large scale.  The point cloud data allowed us to accurately scale and locate building elements and trees. We used VRay Scatter to populate the hills with many thousands of trees. The final campus models were combined with our Portland City Model for local and background context.   The models were licensed to OHSU with the City Model as 3D Studio Max files and were also provided as interactive VR models using VR4Max.

Some renders from 3D Studio Max with Vray: